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I’m Masumah, nice to meet you! I’m a twenty year old art student based in the east Bay Area who's passionate about social justice & problem solving.

All my life, I had an understanding that I'd go into the medical field. It wasn't until the end of my first year at UCSC as a neuroscience major that I realized that isn't what I wanted to do. I dug deep and found that the root of my passion for healthcare was that I wanted to have an impact on people (I've always been involved and aware of social justice— growing up in a predominantly white area definitely played a part in this).

During my period of self reflection, I realized that I wanted to find the intersection of art (which has always been a hobby of mine) and helping people. My past life and academic experiences have translated to my present design thinking and skills, like designing with empathy and being mindful of design ethics. I'm able to leverage my UX knowledge to create an incredible difference in the way humans interact with our virtual world.

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